i unfollowed u on accident idk when banashtons

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why do yall still compare 5sos and 1d when you guys cry about it and say theyre 2 totally different bands pls

2 totally different bands who basically have the same genre of music (pop) ok lmao 

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5 seconds of summer sold more copies in its first week than up all night in its first week

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Do you know if the songs on the new amnesia ep will be the extra songs that are on the USA album or completely new songs??


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What kind of liars are all the signs?


aries: impulsive liar

taurus: lies for personal, long-term gains

gemini: scatterbrained liar, manipulative liar

cancer: emotional gain liar 

leo: outer image liar, lies to exaggerate and play up their image

virgo: lies to push people out, lies to self as harsh criticism

libra: flirty liar, lies to please people

scorpio: lies to conceal parts of the truth, secretive liar

sagittarius: lies to avoid responsibility

capricorn: material gains liar

aquarius: lies to play up image, opportunist liar

pisces: manipulative liar, lies to induce pity and keep people close

'5 Seconds Of Summer' album debuts at No. 1 in United States!

The band released their self-titled album on July 22 in the country after previously unleashing it in Europe and other regions of the world, and as expected from Billboard, the band hit the huge mark of over 250.000 units sold in a week, making the band the third best-selling debut of the year so far (x).

if gay sex is a sin then why this the fanfiction so good 

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the name is stupid but same!!

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Water your plants?